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Mays Mission offers scholarships to deserving students with physical and/or mental disabilities. To qualify for a Mission scholarship one must be able to document a significant disability, score of 20 or better on the A.C.T or… Read More

Reaching Out

Followers of this website may have noticed some changes recently. We are trying to reach out to more people with the addition of a blog.  Our founder, Ewing W. Mays, started Mays Mission as a way… Read More

To Tell or Not To Tell

Are you disabled and unemployed?  Do you have the feeling that if you tell a potential employer about your disability you won’t be hired?  Great news!  Since the inception of the Americans with Disabilities Act of… Read More

Who are we?

For almost 50 years, Mays Mission for the Handicapped has been providing opportunities to people with disabilities. We are a religious, charitable, nondenominational, nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting the physically and spiritually disabled and promoting awareness… Read More



Here at Mays Mission we are dedicated to providing hope to children, women, and men who’ve faced the kind of overwhelming hardships and challenges most of us can’t even imagine. Thanks to our donors we are… Read More

Mays Mission History….


History of Mays Mission for the Handicapped Ewing W. Mays was a WWII veteran. While in Sicily, the jeep in which he was riding was hit by a German mortar. Mays was thrown from his vehicle…. Read More