Accessibility is for everyone!

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed over 33 years ago but there are still accessibility issues being faced by disabled individuals everyday. Recently A quadriplegic Denver City Council member made headlines when he had to crawl on to a stage with no ramps due to inaccessibility. The Councilman said he felt “humiliated.”

The councilman, Chris Hinds, said “My thought process was, I have to participate in this debate or end my campaign.”

After struggling to get onstage and several people trying to lift his chair on to the stage, eventually organizers agreed to have the debate on the main floor so Hinds could sit in his wheelchair.

Accessibility is still one of the most sought-after solutions to people with disabilities, especially in urban and rural areas.

Let city and county officials, as well as business owners, know the crucial need for accessibility in these areas. There are literally millions of people with disabilities and elderly citizens who would benefit from it!

Email us at for some of our brochures like “Making Your Community Accessible” or “The Americans with Disabilities Act” free of charge. These brochures were produced by individuals with disabilities. Share these brochures in your community and let them know accessibility is for everyone!

Thank you for your support and everything your donations make possible for people with disabilities!

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