Change and Attitude

We are all brought into this world with our own unique set of circumstances.  Some are born into wealth and prosperity while some are born into poverty; some short and some tall; some with a natural ability to excel in certain areas while others struggle to make the grade.  Whatever the situation might be, no two individuals are alike.

As we meander through life’s intriguing journey, there usually comes a time when we all decide we are ready for a change.  Whatever it might be, more likely than not, the change will not be instantaneous or easy.

Change usually takes time and most definitely a conscious effort.  Whether it’s changing habits or lifestyle, or changing yourself physically, mentally or spiritually, the decision to change will require a different way of thinking and a lot of patience.

With the disabled, changes never seem to come fast enough.  Often the change we are looking for is a cure or miracle drug or procedure that will propel us into mainstream of life.  Like everyone else, patience is the key.

Unfortunately, change doesn’t always come.  Sometimes we just have to live with the hand that’s been dealt us.  We can sit and mope and wallow in self-pity or we can make that conscious decision to make the best of what we have.  Anyone can do nothing-physically fit or disabled.  It takes a sound mind and a lot of heart to say, “No matter what my circumstances are, I am going to make the best of what God has given me and trust that he will see me through.”

Change isn’t always easy, and sometimes it seems impossible, but we always have a choice in attitude.  Attitude toward change and life’s circumstances makes all the difference in the world!  Now how’s your attitude?

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