Education Assistance for the Disabled

Did you know that Mays Mission for the Handicapped provides scholarship opportunities to people with disabilities? It is one of the most successful and rewarding programs we offer.

One may assume that all college costs at one particular institution are the same. Yet, for the individual with a disability those costs may skyrocket because of “special needs.” A modified dorm room, tutoring, an assistive learning device or attendant care are just a smidgen of the myriad of extra expenses that may arise. It is difficult enough to secure college funding without the addition of common everyday needs of people with disabilities.

More and more, people with disabilities are overcoming stereotypical outlooks of hopelessness and pursuing their dreams. They are pushing the limits in areas never before thought possible. Through our scholarship program we have seen a quadriplegic attain his goal of working with NASA, a blind man become a lawyer, a young lady with multiple learning disabilities go on to be a securities agent. The success stories are endless and dreams are becoming realities.

Several of our recipients have stated that without the monetary and morale assistance of Mays Mission they may have never made it through to their goals. We are very proud of our graduates and their accomplishments. Through your generous gifts we hope to be able to continue this program for years to come!

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  1. My 5 yr old great grandson has Childhood Apraxia of speech. I am looking for someone to teach me to sign so we can communicate better. Do you offer such assistance or can you direct me to someone who does? Thank you

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