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Financial Information

2021 Form 990

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  1. Hello I’m not sure if your program helps with this but if not maybe you could point me in the right direction but my grandson is in need of a special bed for his disabilities he was born with epilepsy and fluid on the brain and assist on the brain he was also born with hypotonia and other things at birth and with that he is not 100% mobile. This bed will help with not only being big enough for many years but also help keep Luca safe from breaking any of his bones. He is currently using a crib but he’s become too big for it and has been getting his arms and legs stuck in the bars.

    We would also like to add that we know that insurance could help with this but we don’t have the time to wait and be approved. We have been denied over 3 times just for his bath chair that only costed $300 so you could imagine how many times we are going to be denied for this. It also took a year just to get his braces for his feet. Unfortunately that’s just how it is , so do you all help with that type of thing or could you point me in the right direction thank you so much

    • Could you call us tomorrow at 501-362-7526 or toll free at 1-888-503-7955? We look forward to hearing from you!

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