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What does the future hold for people with disabilities? No one can say for sure. Each disability is so unique as is each individual. With the new age of electronics and research, one never knows what cure or innovation may be just around the corner.

Some find it easy to wait on the “miracle cure” while others are anxious to get on with life the best they can. I believe that’s the way to go! While not all people with disabilities can get out and work or be active in some way, those choosing to be “couch potatoes” are going nowhere fast. Choosing to be inactive and non-productive only accentuates the body’s potential to atrophy or get larger – and who needs that?

If you, or someone you know, has a disability, encourage them to be as active as possible. Exercise and fresh air is good for the body and spirit as well. It always amazes me how a little dose of sunshine can rejuvenate a depressed and weary soul. Combine that sunshine with some fresh air and a little exercise and see what a difference it makes. You may not be ready to run a marathon or participate in the Olympics but you will have a better and more refreshing outlook on the life that you live. Give it a try!

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