Giving The Gift Of Hope

Giving gifts at Christmas is a tradition based of course, on the greatest gift ever given to mankind-the gift of a Son by his Father to a world in desperate need. The celebration of Christmas is a reminder to all of us how blessed we are to have been given such a precious gift of hope.

Here at Mays Mission we are blessed over and over by the gifts we receive from our faithful and loyal supporters.  Gifts we pass on to those we serve each day.  One of those most precious gifts is hope.  Through our jobs and job-training program we are able to pass on the gift of hope for a brighter economic future to our disabled employees. Hope for a more secure future that might not otherwise be given if they did not have their jobs here at the Mission.  We pass on the gift of hope to disabled college students who might not otherwise be able to continue their educational pursuits and dreams.  We pass on the gift of hope to disabled kids who want to go to summer camp and enjoy the fun and thrills of being in God’s great outdoor arena.  We pass on the gift of hope to frail elderly through volunteers who share their time and talents to help someone remain independent.  And we pass on the gift of hope through visits to veterans and others who must spend their golden years in a nursing home.

Passing the gift of hope from our supporters to those we serve is an honor and privilege we do not take lightly here at Mays Mission for the Handicapped.  We have been able to be a part of this wonderful gift giving process for over thirty-five years.  With God’s continued blessings as He works through our faithful supporters, we will continue to pass on this gift.  What better way is there to say “Merry Christmas” than to give someone the gift of hope?

For more information or ideas on ways you can help call us or email us at today. We here at Mays Mission wish you a very merry Christmas!

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