Have A Heart

February is “Heart Awareness Month” and Valentine’s Day brings to mind a time to show our love to those we care about. In addition, February has become associated with the Random Acts of Kindness program. Random acts of kindness are especially appreciated by caregivers, the elderly and those in hospitals and nursing homes.

Here are some suggestions to make this a special time of year. Most can be adapted to individuals as well as the various care facilities in your community. Just check with any care facilities you want to volunteer at on Covid restrictions first:

Volunteer to read out loud to individuals or care facility groups.

Drop in for a chat and bring a treat such as a ready-to-heat casserole.

Arrange for a two-hour housecleaning session.

Volunteer to take an elderly neighbor out to run errands.

Send scenic postcards to patients in a local care facility that don’t have any relatives.

If you have musical talents, volunteer to lead a sing-along session at a local care facility.

Enjoy baking? Drop off a plate of cookies or some cupcakes.

Enjoy gardening? Help a neighbor plant or weed their garden.

And remember any help you can offer to a full-time caregiver is always appreciated!

For more great ideas on how you can help in your community call us toll free at 888-503-7955 or email us at info@maysmission.org today. We also have free brochures that we can send you and you can share with others. Thank you for your support!

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