Help us make this year a great year!

Another year has passed and some good questions might be “What have we accomplished? Are we better off in any way than we were 365 days ago? “What can we do in the coming year to improve our lives and the way we live?” Better yet, what can we do to improve the lives of others, especially those with disabilities? The dictionary describes an “advocate” as one who publicly supports or suggests an idea, development or way of doing something.

Here at Mays Mission, our primary goal is to aid and assist people with disabilities. Yes, putting to work those who may have difficulty finding gainful employment is one facet of our purpose yet there is so much more.

Public education regarding the abilities and capabilities of people with disabilities is of utmost importance.  You see, through our various programs and direct mail, we have the opportunity to inform and educate the public throughout the country that given the opportunity, people with disabilities can becomes productive citizens.

We have seen scores of people with a variety of disabilities get a variety of on-the job training, while others have chosen to stay with us. It’s heartwarming to know that some have bought their own homes, learned to drive and purchased automobiles, while some have moved on to bigger and better opportunities. Seeing people succeed and become more independent where at one time hope seemed to be lost, is an indescribable feeling.

We have set our goals for this new year to aid and assist people with disabilities. Won’t you please join us? 

Email us at or call 1-888-503-7955 to learn more about our programs and see how you can be an advocate for people with disabilities this year.

Encourage employers to hire the disabled. It’s smart business!

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