It’s okay to ask questions

I have always been one to encourage people with disabilities to keep in touch with their medical professionals. It’s easy to become complacent and think you are doing okay.  Taking a doctor’s advice has been a good thing for me and probably been to my advantage.  However…

I had an annual appointment with my rehab doctor several months ago.  Upon telling him that my shoulders, elbows and wrists had been hurting, he began checking my “range of motion.”  Everything seemed normal.  He asked a few more questions.  He then asked what I would think about moving to a “power wheelchair.”  Note that I had “pushed” a manual wheelchair for 46 years.  Back in the day, those of us with spinal cord injuries were told that we needed to push to keep up our upper-body strength.  I mentioned keeping up my strength to the doctor.  He said something I’ve never heard any of my doctors say before; “We were wrong about the upper body strength.”

I didn’t share this story with the intent to mistrust or lose faith in a medical professional.  The story was told to encourage you to ask questions when you don’t understand treatment or therapy.  Talk to your doctors and therapists.  It’s okay to ask for further explanation for your own peace of mind. 

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