Labor Day

Labor Day, always the first Monday in September, also known as the “workingman’s day”, has many roots and origins as with any other national holiday. It introduces a yearly national tribute to the hard work that workers have made to the prosperity and involvements of our country.

The severe depressive economic conditions of the late 1890’s caused layoffs and pay cuts to thousands of railroad workers. Workers walked off the job and protested and joined by mobs of non-union workers. President Cleveland called in 12,000 troops to end the dispute.

Legislation was rushed through Congress and the bill arrived on President Cleveland’s desk just six days after the troops had broken the strike. It was then that Labor Day was born. On June 28th 1894 it was an official national holiday.

Currently, in attempts to assist people with disabilities entering the competitive labor force, Mays Mission offers on-the-job training to people with disabilities. Individuals with a variety of disabilities from blindness to quadriplegia, mental illnesses to slow learners have come and gone. For many the training was successful. “Some come and find out that employment is just more than they can handle, yet others have been with us for over 30 years” said Mays Mission President Sherry Niehaus. “Some stay and call Mays Mission home while others move on into other employment avenues, which is what we’re all about.”

Give people a chance. If you can’t get your foot in the door, of potential employers who focus on disability instead of ability- the disabled don’t stand a chance. People with disabilities need continuing advocacy.

This Labor Day, help us celebrate by committing to encourage an employer to hire people with disabilities. It’s not about labor unions and high wages – it’s about giving capable workers a chance to prove that they are worthy of employment. For more information, please call us at 888-503-7955  or email us at for a variety of brochures. Thank you for supporting people with disabilities!

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