Mays Mission is celebrating its fiftieth year!

Mays Mission is celebrating our fiftieth year of serving the disabled in 2022. Our goals at Mays Mission for the Handicapped were set over 50 years ago by our founder, Ewing W. Mays.

Ewing W. Mays lost both of his legs, as a young man, in WW II. He spent many months in the hospital. After numerous surgeries and much rehabilitation, he learned how to walk on artificial limbs. He realized that during his time in the hospital not one person with a similar disability had visited him. He decided that he would be the person who would visit those who were facing the same situation he had faced. That is exactly what Ewing W. Mays did.  And his first goal was attained.

To help pay for his tours of veterans and rehabilitation hospitals he depended on the donations of others, who he reached by direct mail.  Out of those donations, he had to pay his travel expenses, and, on top of that, he had to pay others to produce his mail pieces. What if he could train and hire other persons with disabilities to print his mail pieces, and do the mailings? Thus Mays Mission for the Handicapped was born and the goal of training and employing persons with disabilities through our on-the-job training program was set in to motion.

Over the years, we have added other programs besides veterans home tours and on-the-job training, such as our summer camperships for people with disabilities. These campership programs make it possible disabled youth and adults to enjoy things like fishing, camping, hiking and other fun in the sun activities that their able-bodied peers can take for granted. And don’t forget about our scholarship program for aspiring disabled young people who want to broaden their horizons and have same futures afforded to everyone else.

We would not be celebrating this fiftieth year milestone of serving the disabled and educating the public without the support of our loyal donors. Over the years we have set the goals, but we only attain them with your help and generosity. Besides the kindness of your much appreciated donations, you can help by raising awareness in your community. We can provide you with free brochures to help. And if you would like some of our gift paks to distribute to nursing homes or veterans homes in your area (check with these institutions on covid regulations first), we would be happy to send some gift paks to you. Just call us toll free at 1-888-503-7955 or email us at today! We are truly blessed to have your support and we thank you!

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