Mission Goals for 2023

In sports such as football, basketball or tennis the object is to reach the goal and score. The football team tries to run over or pass over the opposing team to reach the goal line. In tennis the goal is to hit the ball over the net and past your opponent.

Like these games, our goals at Mays Mission do not change. We will continue to work hard to provide the types of programs that serve the disabled. We will continue to offer meaningful jobs and job training to help those who might not otherwise be given such an opportunity. We will continue to speak out on the wide variety of issues and problems faced by the disabled in our country and to encourage employers to give the disabled a fair chance at a job. We will continue to serve the frail elderly through a volunteer caregivers program. We will continue to help deserving disabled college students with scholarships. We will continue to help disabled of all ages attend summer camps to enjoy God’s great outdoors. Also, it gives the hard working parents an opportunity to get some much needed rest.

With the continued help of our faithful supporters and continued blessings of God we will work diligently to make sure these programs of support for the disabled are continued for many years to come. That is a goal we can all be proud of reaching.

For more information on Mays Mission and how to help individuals with disabilities, please go to our website at www.maysmission.org, email info@maysmission.org, or call 888-503-7955. We would like to wish you a happy and blessed new year. Thank you!

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