Quiz Time!

  1. Hiring people with disabilities increases worker compensation rates? True/False
  2. Employees with disabilities have a higher rate of absenteeism? True/False
  3. People with disabilities need to be protected from failing? True/False
  4. Considerable expense is necessary to accommodate people with disabilities? True/False
  5. Employees with disabilities are more likely to have accidents than employees without disabilities? True/False

According to the Presidents Committee on People with Disabilities, answers to all the questions are “false.”

(Responses to the above questions)

  1. Insurance rates are based on the relative hazards of the operation, not on whether workers have disabilities.
  2. Studies show that employees with disabilities are not absent any more than non disabled employees.
  3.  People with disabilities have the right to experience the full range of human experience, including success and failure.
  4. Most workers with disabilities require little or no special accommodation. Fifty-one percent cost less than $500.
  5.  Studies show that the safety records of the disabled and non-disabled are identical.

People with disabilities deserve the opportunity to experience the “American Dream” without discrimination. Yet studies show the majority of working-aged people with disabilities cannot find employment.

Make it a point to encourage an employer to hire people with disabilities. Give them a chance! Call us at 888-503-7955 for free brochures like “On-The_Job Training” or “Over Fifty Years Of Service” or email us at info@maysmission.org to find out more. Thank you for your support!

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