It may seem like a trite statement to say that “we have so much to be thankful for,” as we hear it every year around the Thanksgiving dinner table. Yet, for the vast majority of US citizens, this statement holds undeniably true. We live in a land birthed in freedom from tyranny that continues on to this day.

Some friends of mine have a tradition of going to a “food kitchen” on Thanksgiving Day to assist in serving the homeless and those who just can’t afford a hot meal. They tell me of how humbling it is to see these folks wander in off the streets for a hot meal. It makes them feel so blessed to have a roof over their head and food on the table. In doing the kind deed of helping others, just as Christ told us to do, they come away from the food kitchen feeling abundantly blessed for being obedient to the call of serving.

In hearing this, let’s consider doing likewise. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a food kitchen. There are a myriad of ways to serve your fellow man in this day or any other day to give thanks for the bounty with which God has blessed you. Invite someone over for a meal. Offer to take them shopping or to get to an appointment. Run some errands for them. Invite them to church. Often just a smile or a handshake will brighten someone’s day!

There are countless ways to “love your neighbor.” Think about what you could do, then put those thoughts into action.

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Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

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