Warming Up

“Old Man Winter” is packing up his bags and heading out the door again.  For myself, and many other people with disabilities, the winter months make it difficult to get out and exercise.  Seeing the grass greening up, the bright blue skies and the temperatures getting warmer, thoughts of getting active again can brighten the day.

Exercise is good for everyone.  We’ve heard for years that exercising on a regular basis not only leads to a healthier life, but possibly a longer life as well.  As with most everything, exercise should be done carefully and with moderation. And remember to consult with your physician or healthcare provider prior to beginning an exercise program.

It’s always a good thing to warm up prior to getting into the full swing of your routine. Begin by slowly stretching and moving about.  This increases blood flow to your muscles as well as tendons and joints.  Starting too fast or strenuously may cause damage. Take it easy!

Whether it’s walking, dancing, aerobics or a sport, know your limitations.  Take breaks and remember to drink plenty of water.  Water not only cools the body down, but keeps the muscles and joints stay hydrated.  Without proper hydration, you will tire easily and could begin to cramp.

Exercising with a friend is usually more fun and statistics show that you may actually exercise longer with a workout partner.  Doing your routine is also safer, just in case there is a problem. Now, get outside, soak up some sunshine and have fun!

If you would like a free copy of our brochure “Recreation Is For Everyone” just call us or email us at info@maysmission.org and we would be glad to help. Thanks for your support!

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