We are so proud of Kinshuk!

Here at Mays Mission we are always so proud of the eager young students you help through your support of our scholarship program.

Kinshuk Tella is one of those extraordinary kids. And thanks to YOU, this rising star is pursuing his dream of higher education — and a future in which he makes incredible contributions to society — despite his disability.

A student at Miami University, Kinshuk is working toward a double degree in Environmental Science and Energy.

“I wish to be something much bigger than myself — that being the work and science toward preserving the natural world,” he says. “I can have the most impact with my work in a career such as [the public sector] … making more of a difference in sustainability efforts.”

Always seeking to do more, this inspirational young man maintains a high GPA … serves on a community leadership team … conducts meaningful geoscience research … In addition to his academic success, this inspiring young man serves as president of the Ohio Association of Blind Students, advocates on behalf of the blind community through the National Federation of the Blind, and teaches kids in a special needs marching band program that we were also able to help because of your kindness. 

What most people don’t realize is Kinshuk has Stargardt’s disease and is legally blind. Stargardt’s is a genetic disease that causes vision loss — and, unfortunately, there is no cure. But he’s never let his disability keep him from accomplishing whatever he sets his mind to … and his accomplishments are a testament to that. In fact, he’s one of the most accomplished young men we’ve had the pleasure of meeting!

Kinshuk has had to overcome many hurdles throughout his life because of his disability, but he has never let it keep him from accomplishing whatever he sets his mind to.

“He has put in hours of hard work … and I have never heard him complain once about his disability. He excels at whatever obstacle he faces,” says Kinshuk’s intervention specialist from high school.

Kinshuk has recently let us know he is currently prepping for this summer where he will be working for Tesla, the world’s most successful electric vehicle and clean energy company. The sky is the limit for Kinshuk. And you play a role in supporting this extraordinary guy. I hope his success and desire to pay it forward and help others brings you as much joy as it does us. If you would like to know more about our scholarship program for disabled students call or email us at info@maysmission.org for a free copy of our brochure “Preparing for College – Grants & Scholarships” and thank you for your support of Mays Mission’s scholarship program. And if you would like to donate, we accept donations through paypal here on our website and through facebook pay on the Mays Mission for the Handicapped facebook page. Thanks again!

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