Your Faith in Action

Mays Mission for the Handicapped supports several programs which are all designed to help the disabled, frail or elderly.  One of our programs, the “Faith in Action Caregivers Alliance,” gets its name from the national program “Faith in Action” originated by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation of Princeton, New Jersey. 

The concept of Faith in Action is simple: volunteers of many faiths, working together to care for their neighbors who have long-term health needs.  Through our program, as in hundreds of others throughout the nation, frail or elderly neighbors are given assistance by volunteers from their community.  This assistance will hopefully enable the recipient to remain independent and more self-reliant.  Because these volunteers do what they do, many people are able to stay in their own home and not have to move in with family or even relocate to a nursing facility.

The question is often asked, “Whose faith is being put into action?” 

Is the disabled or elderly person who needs help putting their faith into action by trusting that the aid of a volunteer will enable them to stay independent in their own home?  By all means!

Is the volunteer activating his or her faith by believing that the help they provide will be instrumental in someone’s life being more meaningful and fulfilling?  Without a doubt!

Do we at Caregivers Alliance put our faith into action by believing that the volunteer services we support are doing a valuable and worthwhile thing within our community and across the nation?  Definitely!

Do the loyal supporters of Mays Mission for the Handicapped put their faith into action by trusting that their financial support to us will enable this program and all the others we offer to continue to reach out to the disabled, the weak or the elderly?  A resounding YES!

No one can deny that our supporters are willing to put their “Faith in Action.”  We see it every day.  It is the active faith of those who support us that enables Mays Mission to do whatever we can for those we serve.  It is our supporter’s faith that enables us to help someone find a caregiver.  It is our supporter’s faith that enables us to help a disabled college student attend school.  It is our supporter’s faith that sends us out to visit nursing homes and veterans homes to give hope and encouragement.  It is our supporter’s faith that helps us provide meaningful employment for disabled men and women.

We thank God for the faith of our loyal supporters.  This is faith, your faith, in action. If you would like a copy of our free brochure “Faith In Action – Caregivers Alliance” email us at and let us know what you think by leaving a reply below. Thanks!

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