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Mays Mission offers scholarships to deserving students with physical and/or mental disabilities.

To qualify for a Mission scholarship one must be able to document a significant disability, score of 20 or better on the A.C.T or 970 on S.A.T., be enrolled in a four-year study program (under-graduate only) working toward a baccalaureate degree and provide proof of enrollment.

Upon acceptance to our program, recipients agree to provide proof of full-time enrollment each semester, submit grades, maintain a GPA of 3.0 and write an “update letter” providing the Mission with information pertaining to grades, struggles, triumphs, campus life and a general “how are you doing” letter.

*Deadline for application is June 30*

Please Note —  All documentation must be original.  Transcripts must be official and in their sealed envelope from the Office of the Registrar. Copies, Internet downloads of documentation and faxed applications cannot be accepted.

 Please mail your application and documentation in one envelope. 

Thank you!

Learn to accept a person and their disability as one, not two things.