Good Neighbors

The sweltering heat of summer is upon us.  Record-breaking temperatures have already hit the northeast.  We, here in the south, are always anticipating the “dog-days” of summer-but few can honestly say they enjoy the heat indices commonly above 105.

A healthy able-bodied person may go to the lake for a swim or take a cool dip in a pool.  So refreshing and what a relief!  Yet, for many with disabilities these options are not available.  Therefore, one must take precautions not to get overheated in this volatile time of the year.  It is common for people with spinal cord injuries not to have the ability to perspire, which is the body’s natural cooling system.  Also, as some people age their skin loses elastins (elasticity) thus keeping the skin taut.  This, in turn, causes the body not to perspire as it should.  Over-heating leads to heat-stroke and heat-stroke may lead to death. 

 As friends and neighbors, make it a point to call or visit a friend with a disability or the elderly especially if they are without air conditioning or live alone.  Maybe you could invite them over for a cool sip of lemonade.  Sound silly?  Please do not feel that way.  This not only shows your caring and concern, you may save a life.  Do your part to help us all make it through the dog-days of summer! 

Think about it!

Call us at 1-888-503-7955 or email us at for informational brochures like “Heat Wave – Heat Protection Safety” to show how you can help. These brochures were printed by individuals with disabilities and we provide them to the public free of charge. Thank you and God bless your kind heart!

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