The Ewing W. Mays Mission

Ewing W. Mays always remained strong in his belief that there were many goals yet unaccomplished for the Mission. The founder of the Mission was familiar with continuing needs for appropriate housing, jobs, therapy and spiritual guidance for the handicapped. He was dedicated towards these goals.

 Mays Mission for the Handicapped, Inc. began in 1972 with a dream of Mr. Mays’ to provide employment and job training for handicapped workers.  From its meager beginnings the Mission has grown and is now housed in a 10,000-sq. ft. facility.

Today, the Mission has a data processing department, a prepress, and graphic arts department, a complete lettershop, a large bindery, and two large color printing presses.

Ewing W. Mays lost both legs during a shelling attack in 1943 in Sicily where he was serving in World War II. Following his traumatic loss and reflecting on the enormity of it, he said, “I became very angry with the military, with the medical personnel, but most of all I was angry with God for letting such a terrible thing happen to me.”

Young Mays became so despondent, a chaplain was sent in to talk to him. It was during this conversation that a spiritual seed was planted in Mays and he regained the will to live. He began to realize that a loving God might have a worthwhile purpose for him, even though he had no legs.

He attributed his turnaround to two things: discovering Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior and falling in love with his lovely wife, Fay. They were married more than fifty years.

Mays accomplished many great things in his life as a disabled veteran. Initially he toured with a group of disabled veterans and sold war bonds and recruited employees for defense plants. Later he worked tireless hours with the Disabled American Veterans and toured overseas to bring hope to young men who had suffered similar losses.

All of these disabled young men told Mays how much they wanted to work and reclaim some productivity in their lives. In subsequent years, Mays was able to apply this principal equally to disabled civilians.

Mays always said, “The greatest satisfaction of my life has been the establishment of Mays Mission for the Handicapped which provides jobs and job training for so many handicapped folks. Our objective is to apply good, sound Christian ethics and principals to help our handicapped employees achieve economic stability and independence in their lives.”

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Thank you for supporting people with disabilities!