Total eclipse at Mays Mission

On the afternoon of April the 8th, Mays Mission employees were treated with a chance to see the solar eclipse. Here in Arkansas we were fortunate enough to be in the direct path of totality and employees took a few minutes to witness this natural phenomenon with special glasses provided to us by our local Chamber Of Commerce here in Heber Springs.

At around 1:55 PM the moon had traveled directly in front of the sun and we got to see this incredibly rare moment. It was dark enough some stars were visible in the sky and God blessed us with beautiful weather and a clear sky to experience this rare event. Such an event is rare enough there won’t be another in North America until 2044.

Thanks for supporting May Mission for the Handicapped. If you would like to help us advocate on behalf of individuals with disabilities in your community we have brochures we can provide you with free of charge. These brochures were produced by individuals with disabilities here at Mays Mission.