Watch them soar!

Mays Mission’s scholarship program for disabled students is one of our favorites, because, through it, we meet the most extraordinary young women and men … and then get to watch them shine and soar!

These kids have often faced and overcome challenge after challenge for their entire lives. They are strong and resilient. They can adapt to almost any situation and have incredible fortitude. But what they are usually lacking is funds, resources, and opportunities to grow, prove their worth, and gain independence. Thanks to our donors these kids prove themselves time and again.

If you would like a free copy of our brochure ‘Preparing for College Grants and Scholarships’ just call or message us. These brochures are produced by disabled employees right here at Mays Mission. Applications for our scholarship can be downloaded from our website:

Thank you for your support. And if you would like to donate to programs like our scholarship program just click the ‘donate’ button. We appreciate our donors so much!